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07 Dead End Symphony.mp3 20:47:40Saint SeiyaDead End Symphony1988OST
12 Confrontation.mp3 1.603.09.17 08:46:44Saint SeiyaConfrontation2000OST
13 Athena Revived.mp3 5.703.09.17 09:19:43Saint SeiyaAthena Revived2000OST
05 Siren Sorento.mp3 5.703.09.17 20:34:35Saint SeiyaSiren Sorento1988OST
14 Corona Temple's Destruction.mp3 7.703.09.17 18:14:35Saint SeiyaCorona Temple's Destruction2000OST
15 You Are My Reason To Be (Movie Ve 3.703.09.17 09:24:22Saint SeiyaYou Are My Reason To Be (Movie2000OST
04 Athena's Death.mp3 4.703.09.17 08:52:13Saint SeiyaAthena's Death2000OST
06 The King Of The Sea Comes.mp3 3.503.09.17 20:40:54Saint SeiyaThe King Of The Sea Comes1988OST
02 Mermaid's Calling.mp3 6.503.09.17 20:11:45Saint SeiyaMermaid's Calling1988OST
01 Prologue.mp3 4.403.09.17 09:29:34Saint SeiyaPrologue2000OST
02 Abel's Theme.mp3 2.503.09.17 09:39:14Saint SeiyaAbel's Theme2000OST
10 Legend Of Poseidon.mp3 5.903.09.17 21:11:29Saint SeiyaLegend Of Poseidon1988OST
08 Phoenix Gen Ma Ken.mp3 2.403.09.17 09:06:07Saint SeiyaPhoenix Gen Ma Ken2000OST
11 Athena Revived.mp3 4.303.09.18 06:51:14Saint SeiyaAthena Revived1988OST
11 Deukalion's Big Floods.mp3 5.803.09.17 09:36:17Saint SeiyaDeukalion's Big Floods2000OST
10 Unbending Will.mp3 4.503.09.17 09:11:29Saint SeiyaUnbending Will2000OST
04 Shining! Bronze Cloth.mp3 20:24:57Saint SeiyaShining Bronze Cloth1988OST
08 Seven Generals.mp3 4.903.09.17 20:54:11Saint SeiyaSeven Generals1988OST
05 Challenge Gods.mp3 1.803.09.17 08:40:59Saint SeiyaChallenge Gods2000OST
01 Under Sea Temple.mp3 20:03:18Saint SeiyaUnder Sea Temple1988OST
09 Gemini's Betrayal.mp3 08:44:41Saint SeiyaGemini's Betrayal2000OST
06 Heated Saints.mp3 3.603.09.17 08:56:41Saint SeiyaHeated Saints2000OST
07 Underworld.mp3 5.403.09.17 09:03:17Saint SeiyaUnderworld2000OST
03 Saori's Decision.mp3 08:38:17Saint SeiyaSaori's Decision2000OST
09 Time Of Destruction.mp3 4.603.09.17 21:03:40Saint SeiyaTime Of Destruction1988OST
03 Another Holy War.mp3 5.603.09.17 20:19:19Saint SeiyaAnother Holy War1988OST
03_-_Blue Forever (Instrumental).mp3 2.303.03.25 22:44:52Saint SeiyaBlue Forever (Instrumental)1987OST
05_-_Resting Of Warrior.mp3 6.603.03.25 23:32:30Saint SeiyaResting Of Warrior1987OST
09_-_Direction Of Heated Fights.mp3 2.803.03.26 00:15:19Saint SeiyaDirection Of Heated Fights1987OST
01_-_Pegasus Fantasy (TV Size).mp3 22:28:42Saint SeiyaPegasus Fantasy (TV Size)1987OST
08_-_Cygnus - Warrior Of Ice.mp3 3.403.03.25 23:55:36Saint SeiyaCygnus - Warrior Of Ice1987OST
04_-_Athena's Love.mp3 3.403.03.25 23:00:24Saint SeiyaAthena's Love1987OST
06_-_Hoo Yoku Ten Shoo - Immortal Bi 4.403.03.25 23:32:50Saint SeiyaHoo Yoku Ten Shoo1987OST
07_-_Sanctuary's Shudder.mp3 3.703.03.25 23:56:06Saint SeiyaSanctuary's Shudder1987OST
02_-_Intense! Cosmo.mp3 2.603.03.25 22:35:55Saint SeiyaIntense! Cosmo1987OST
10_-_Saint Of Hope.mp3 00:28:13Saint SeiyaSaint Of Hope1987OST
09 Gemini's Betrayal.mp3 14:03:22Saint SeiyaGemini's Betrayal2000OST
03 Odin, Evil God Clan.mp3 1.604.06.12 01:01:11Saint SeiyaOdin, Evil God Clan2000OST

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