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Santa Clause 2 - North Pole.mp3 2.403.08.23 05:00:02George S. ClintonThe Santa Clause 2 - The North2002Selected Film Music
Speedfreaks.mp3 3.504.01.13 01:21:53LionelSpeed FreaksSelected Film Scores0:03:44128S44
Speedfreaks.mp3 3.504.01.13 01:21:53LionelSpeed FreaksSelected Film Scores
Mother's Boys - Ill Wind.mp3 1.303.08.23 04:45:24George S. ClintonMother's Boys - Ill WindSelected Film Music
Eyes Of A Killer - Main Theme.mp3 04:20:33George S. ClintonEyes Of A Killer - Main ThemeSelected Film Music
Mortal Kombat - Flawless Victory.mp3 3.903.08.23 04:34:31George S. ClintonMortal Kombat - Flawless VictoSelected Film Music
Mother's Boys - Opening.mp3 1.603.08.23 04:47:40George S. ClintonMother's Boys - OpeningSelected Film Music
Tad - Remembering.mp3 05:08:01George S. ClintonTad - RememberingSelected Film Music
Viking Sagas - Procession.mp3 05:10:26George S. ClintonViking Sagas - ProcessionSelected Film Music
Delta Of Venus - Opium Den.mp3 04:19:06George S. ClintonDelta Of Venus - Opium DenSelected Film Music
Red Shoe Diaries - Requiem.mp3 1.803.08.23 04:54:54George S. ClintonRed Shoe Diaries - RequiemSelected Film Music
Delta Of Venus - Bijou Adieu.mp3 1.603.08.23 04:14:14George S. ClintonDelta Of Venus - Bijou AdieuSelected Film Music
Tad - Affectionate Farewell.mp3 0.703.08.23 05:06:26George S. ClintonTad - Affectionate FarewellSelected Film Music
Delta Of Venus - Blindfold.mp3 2.403.08.23 04:17:36George S. ClintonDelta Of Venus - BlindfoldSelected Film Music
Viking Sagas - A Virgin's Blood.mp3 0.703.08.23 05:09:00George S. ClintonViking Sagas - A Virgin's BlooSelected Film Music
Mortal Kombat - Goro Vs. Art.mp3 1.903.08.23 04:37:07George S. ClintonMortal Kombat - Goro Vs. ArtSelected Film Music
44 Minutes - Main Title.mp3 00:19:45George S. Clinton44 Minutes - Main Title2003Selected Film Music
44 Minutes - Tribute.mp3 00:21:43George S. Clinton44 Minutes - Tribute2003Selected Film Music
Rescue Me - Free Ride.mp3 0.703.08.23 04:55:51George S. ClintonRescue Me - Free RideSelected Film Music
Astronaut's Wife - Two Minutes.mp3 3.303.08.23 03:55:14George S. ClintonThe Astronaut's Wife - Two MinSelected Film Music
Dollar For The Dead - Main Title.mp3 03:43:17George S. ClintonA Dollar For The Dead - Main TSelected Film Music
Rescue Me - Par 4.mp3 0.503.08.23 04:56:48George S. ClintonRescue Me - Par 4Selected Film Music
Black Dog - Main Title.mp3 2.503.08.23 04:12:01George S. ClintonBlack Dog - Main TitleSelected Film Music
Dollar For The Dead - Forgiven.mp3 1.503.08.23 03:44:07George S. ClintonA Dollar For The Dead - ForgivSelected Film Music
Lansky - Main Title.mp3 1.403.08.23 04:28:56George S. ClintonLansky - Main TitleSelected Film Music
Austin Powers 2 - Shagaphonic Medley 2.903.08.23 04:02:51George S. ClintonAustin Powers: The Spy Who ShaSelected Film Music
Austin Powers 1 - Shagadelic Medley. 2.803.08.23 03:54:44George S. ClintonAustin Powers - Shagadelic MedSelected Film Music
Amelia - Final Flight.mp3 0.803.08.23 03:46:47George S. ClintonAmelia - Final FlightSelected Film Music
Intensity - Passing.mp3 0.903.08.23 04:27:04George S. ClintonIntensity - PassingSelected Film Music
Intensity - Missing.mp3 0.703.08.23 04:25:45George S. ClintonIntensity - MissingSelected Film Music
Amelia - 4 Hours 9 Minutes.mp3 03:46:27George S. ClintonAmelia - 4 Hours 9 MinutesSelected Film Music
Brainscan - Main Title.mp3 04:11:36George S. ClintonBrainscan - Main TitleSelected Film Music
Frankie The Fly - Invoking The Muse. 1.303.08.23 04:22:18George S. ClintonThe Last Days Of Frankie The FSelected Film Music
Frankie The Fly - Vincent.mp3 0.803.08.23 04:24:44George S. ClintonThe Last Days Of Frankie The FSelected Film Music
Frankie The Fly - The Shepherd.mp3 04:23:38George S. ClintonThe Last Days Of Frankie The FSelected Film Music
Beverly Hills Ninja - Great White Ni 04:05:53George S. ClintonBeverly Hills Ninja - Great WhSelected Film Music
Beverly Hills Ninja - The Legend.mp3 0.803.08.23 04:05:21George S. ClintonBeverly Hills Ninja - The LegeSelected Film Music
Mortal Kombat Annihilation - 04:41:27George S. ClintonMortal Kombat Annihilation - JSelected Film Music
Wild Things - Main Title.mp3 1.803.08.23 05:13:00George S. ClintonWild Things - Main TitleSelected Film Music
Mortal Kombat Annihilation - X-Squad 1.603.08.23 04:43:36George S. ClintonMortal Kombat Annihilation - XSelected Film Music
Platoon Leader - Finale.mp3 1.303.08.23 04:49:29George S. ClintonPlatoon Leader - FinaleSelected Film Music
Joe Somebody - Kiss-Finale.mp3 1.903.09.17 23:53:40George S. ClintonJoe Somebody - Kiss2001Selected Film Musichttp://www.georgesclinton.com0:02:04128S44
Ready To Rumble - Square One.mp3 0.903.08.23 04:52:18George S. ClintonReady To Rumble - Square OneSelected Film Music
Joe Somebody - Opening.mp3 0.603.09.17 23:54:27George S. ClintonJoe Somebody - Opening2001Selected Film Musichttp://www.georgesclinton.com0:00:42128S44
Ready To Rumble - Honor.mp3 04:51:05George S. ClintonReady To Rumble - HonorSelected Film Music
Catch That Kid - Mission Suite.mp3 1.804.02.03 16:59:09George S. ClintonCatch That Kid - Mission Suite2004Selected Film Music

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